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Why Did Paul Play the Fool?
Text: 2 Corinthians 11:16-21

In our text, Paul takes an unexpected turn: he plays the fool. This was a response to The Corinthians' preference for the language and lifestyle of the foolish false apostles. The language of fools is "self-praise." Their culture of self-advertisement, where people boast 'in the way the world does' of personal privileges and achievements, had led them away from appreciating Paul's (and, more importantly, God's) wisdom.

“Proud people, because they are basically proud of what they know and what they’ve done, talk a lot about both. Proud people don’t reference weakness. Proud people don’t talk about failure. Proud people don’t confess sin. So proud people are better at putting the spotlight on themselves than they are at shining the light of their stories and opinions on God’s glorious and utterly undeserved grace.” --Paul Tripp

 Under normal circumstances, Paul's words would have been marked by "the meekness and gentleness of Christ" (10:1), not the “boastful confidence of the fools” (11:17).

Do meekness and gentleness mark your words? Humbly admit to your foolishness and susceptibility. But more than that, celebrate the new wisdom that is yours in Christ. You have been united with Him. He lives in you. And He is working to make you who you already are!


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