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What's "normal" these days?

We want to provide students with opportunities to connect with their leaders and each other. So here's the list of all the ways they can do that in the coming weeks.

The YouTube Devos can be found on our student ministry YouTube channel along with Refuge LIVE. These are short Bible studies meant to encourage and challenge.

On Mondays, our Zoom hangout will be casual and fun. We'll play games and catch up on how everyone is doing. Wednesday's Zoom hangout will be our SMALL GROUPS on Wednesday night following Refuge LIVE.



Let's make the most of this time we have to read God's Word together! 

I would like to read Facing Anxiety with you. Click the link to join in through the Bible App.

Refuge plan during the COVID-19 break:

  1. Wednesday meetings will be live-streamed. We’ll have some fun with this as well as a short teaching time followed by some live discussion. Families will be provided with discussion material that can be used at home. Live streams will also be interactive via chat features. These live streams will be done through YouTube ( and also available on the website.

    1. We recommend families watching together. Use your biggest TV for the best viewing (there are YouTube apps for Roku, any gaming consoles, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.)

  2. To facilitate connections and interaction, we’ll be doing some other online gatherings that will be more fun and casual.

  3. Ways to stay in touch:

    1. Church App: this is by far the most effective form of communication for our group so if you don’t already have it, download it at and be sure to opt-in to Refuge updates in the app.

    2. Instagram: this is by the MOST fun form of communication. If you’re already on Instagram, be sure to follow @gracestudentsga. If you’re not already on Instagram, don’t worry about it, we’ll be doing some fun stuff on our streams anyway.


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