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We gather every Sunday at 10:30 am to worship through music, service, and listening to God's Word.

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Our KGroups meet weekly to provide a place to connect and share life with others as we grow in our relationship with Jesus.

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Faith is trust or commitment to what you have good reason to think is true.

—William Lane Craig

Text: John 10:30-42

Jesus declared Himself to be the absolute revelation of God. In verse 30 of our text, Jesus stated, "I and the Father are one."

Jesus provided many proofs of His uniqueness and deity, and the greatest was His resurrection from the dead.

How strong is your faith in Jesus?

Your faith will be weak if you have a small view of God. How do you build trust in God? Just as the faith of your salvation came through hearing the message of the gospel (Romans 10:17), so the faith to trust God in every area of life comes through the Word of God alone.

Our Head, Heart, and Hands application is a great place to start. Meditate on Hebrews 11. Ask God for humility, giving you eyes of faith to trust Jesus and His promises.

Jerry Bridges is one of my favorite authors. In his book 31 Days Toward Trusting God, which is based upon his bestselling Trusting God, Bridges uses the wisdom of Scripture and presents the doctrine of God's sovereignty in clear and bite-size devotionals. If you would like to purchase a copy, I will have them available in the resource area on Sunday, or it can be ordered online

It's all about Jesus!
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