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Text: 2 Cor 10:1-11

If you had to sum up your prayer life, do you spend more time asking, thanking, or apologizing? Would you say there’s more joy or disappointment?

Paul had to deal with disappointment and disappointing people, just like us. As an apostle, we might have expected him to assert the power and authority given by our Lord. Instead, he modeled for us how humility is the best antidote for pride.

The people undermining Paul’s authority were Gospel Imposters. People more interested in self-promotion than glorifying God, often relying on carefully crafted human reasoning and cultural appeal, even when what they are peddling is in clear opposition to what has been plainly stated in Scripture.

So what are we to do with such people? Paul relied on God’s “mighty weapons” to destroy false arguments. Wish I did. Don’t you?

And what are these “mighty weapons”? The ones not reserved just for Apostles. What are the mighty weapons Paul used to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning, destroy false arguments and every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God?

Humility! Humility is pride’s antidote. A mighty weapon.

One of my seminary professors, once said “Literacy in the 21st Century is not the ability to read and write, it will be the ability to unlearn and relearn.”

One of the many things I appreciate about Paul is how completely he had relinquished his cultural Jewishness. How comfortable he seemed embracing his dependence on God. That’s so Un-American.

Unlearning the biases built into our American-ness is not easy. Which is why I believe many of us have so much difficulty living out Col 2:20. We struggle to relinquish our American-ness. We’re trying to have it both ways. Pretty hard to make choices that will honor our Heavenly Father while we’re hanging on so tightly to our American-ness.

But that is our calling. God wants, no, expects His children to want Him to be glorified in all we do. That includes how we deal with disappointing people.

Paul didn’t have Gospel Amnesia, Paul Tripp’s term for how easily we can live our everyday life without any memory of how much we've been forgiven. Paul never forget what God had forgiven him. He engaged disappointing people with a healthy dose of humility. Do the same and you’ll find yourself honoring God, more than apologizing to Him for letting Him down.

It’ll be work. But I promise, over time, it will alter that earlier summation of your prayer life.

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